Prenatal class for couples for one sunday

Machtlfinger Straße

The change from being a couple to becoming a family is an exciting and challenging time for parents-to-be. External support and advice helps to make this a time to enjoy. We would like to give you the opportunity to prepare yourselves as a couple, for the birth of your baby and the following new stage of life. This class covers:
  • breathing and relaxation exercises to help ease the delivery
  • body-awareness exercises, massages
  • information about pregnancy, labor, birthing positions, nursing and the post-natal period
  • how to deal with fear and pain
  • support and advice for the partner, how to help the pregnant woman through pregnancy and birth
  • changes in the relationship
  • gain confidence and trust in your own capabilities.

Bitte mitbringen:
Decke, Kissen zum Anlehnen (evtl. Stillkissen), warme rutschfeste Socken, bequeme Kleidung, Brotzeit und Getränke

1 Tag, 15.05.2022,
1 Termin(e)
Daphni Kretschmar, GfG-Familienbegleiterin, GfG-Stillberaterin, GfG-Geburtsvorbereiterin, Fachkraft f.Bindungsentwicklung/SIBE (ifp)
Machtlfinger Straße, M5, Machtlfinger Straße 5, 81379 München, Blauer, EG
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