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prenatal class for couples for one sunday
English-spoken course

Machtlfinger Straße

Pregnancy is a very exciting and touching experience. A time full of hope and delight but also of questions, uncertainty and fear. Our birth preparation course for future mothers offers a protected atmosphere among other women who expect their first child. It aims at supporting you by supplying as much information as possible about the natural process of birth and the first steps into your life as a family. Further, you may find a place for an open exchange among other women from all over the world.

Contents of the course are:

  • information about pregnancy, the natural process of birth, helpful positions during labour and all phases of birth, breast feeding and childbed
  • exercises that enable to relax and facilitate the whole process
  • how to deal with fear and pain
  • how the partner may support the pregnant woman during pregnancy and labour
  • gain confidence in your own strenghth and ability to give birth to your child and be faithful
  • a partner day for the future fathers/partners to join in one session

We recommend to start this course around the 28th week of pregnancy.
Please bring warm socks, leasure clothes and a blanket.

1 Tag, 27.11.2022
Sonntag, 09:30 - 18:00 Uhr,
1 Termin(e)
09:30 - 18:00 Uhr
Daphni Kretschmar
per person, includes administration fees:

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